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                By Dr. Suraj Verma MBBS. MS. FICS. (USA)
                   President Cancer Detection Society of India

Special Features:-

Most of the work done is on the invitation of the head of the states or Institutions concerned.

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North Eastern States of India:

Almost all the N.E. States have been screened including Darjeeling and Sikkim.



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1988 -The first free Cancer detection camp and slide show talk on cancer awareness at civil hospital Aizawl

    1989-90 - 2nd Free Cancer detection camp and slide show talk on cancer awareness at civil hospital Aizawl
1994 - 8th march, Mizoram Cancer Society was founded as a branch of Cancer Detection Society of India at Aizawl club
    1995 - 1 to 3 March Free Cancer Camps organised by Mizoram branch at Aizawl club
1996 - Adopted darpui vangther, a colony of Aizawl for cancer control programme
    1998 - Free cancer detection camp on 5 & 6 June organized by YMA Aizawl
    2002 Cancer camps organised with Federation of Lottery Traders of India
    19 Jan.2010 Presentation on " Comprehensive Cancer Control Scheme " conference Hall CM Secretariat Mizoram
    14 to 19 Feb. 2011" Cancer Awareness week " Assam Rifles" Aizwal Mizoram.
    10 May to 17 May 2011 Phase I at Assam Rifles ( supported by ONGC )
    17 May to 26 May Phase II at Assam Rifles ( supported by ONGC )
    20 May 2012 " Nodal Cancer Control Centre Mizoram ( NCCCM )" was founded by Dr. Suraj Verma in association with 7 Adventist Hospital Tlang which was inaugurated by Hon'ble Chief Minister of Mizoram
  Arunanchal Pradesh 1998 - The first cancer camp and slide show talk was organised at R.K.Mission Hospital & Donypolo Mission.
(R.K.Mission Hospital : Sitting in the centre Dr. Verma has Shri Gangog Apang, Chief Minister and Shri Khrimey Education Minister of his left.
  Tripura 1991 - The first cancer camp and slide show talk was organised at Agartala city and inaugurated by Shri S. R Majumdar, Hon' ble Cheif Minister of Tripura, in picture below seen are Dr. Suraj Verma and Hon' ble C.M.
  1992 - On second visit a follow up cancer camp and slide show talk for Border Security Personnel and Ladies club of Agartala.

Meghalaya (Shillong)

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1984 -The mission, "Prevention of cancer by early detection" was launched. Cancer awareness talk was organised by Rotary Club at Shillong club.


1987 - Similar programmes were reorganised as follow up on this visit.

1989 - Free cancer camp at Nazreth hospital organised by Rotary Club.

1992 - Mr. D.D. Lapang Hon'ble Chief Minister inaugurated -

  (a) Cancer Detection Camp at Civil Hospital.
  (b) Shillong Cancer Society as HQ N.E. States as branch of Cancer Detection Society.
  (c) Shillong Cancer Centre at Pasteur Institute.
1998 - Free Cancer check-up camp at Civil Hospital inaugurated by Mr. B.B. Lyndo, Hon'ble Chief Minister.
2001 - Free Cancer check-up camp at Ganesh Das Hospital organised by St. John's School white Hall, Shillong
2001 - Free Cancer check-up camp at Park View Hospital organised by Shillong Medical College Hospital ( deemed).
1992 First cancer camp and slide show talk organised by RedCross Gangtok.
  Second cancer camp and slide show talk organised by Red Cross again.
  Dr. Suraj Verma was appointed as Hon'ry advisor to Govt.of Sikkim.
8th Oct 93 First cancer camp and slide show talk organised by Mr. Subash Ghisingh chairman Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council.
08 Oct 1993 Darjelling Cancer Society was inaugurated by the chairman
26 Nov 1993 Second Follow up visit organised by Army HQ Govt. of India at Loreto College.
2001 Duliajan First free cancer check-up & slide show talk was organised by OIL India.
    Second free cancer check-up & slide show talk was organised by Lion's Club Duliajan.
    Awareness talk to ladies club of OIL India.
  Tinsukia -Cancer Awareness talk to Assam Oil Hospital Staff.
2002 Guwahati 28 & 29 Dec. Free cancer check camp at Paillative centre Ozan Bazar organised by All India Federation of Lottery Trade and Allied industries.
2003 Nazira Free Cancer Check-up camp organised by ONGC North East HQ. at Nazira dispensary.
2003 Siv-Sagar Similar camp at ONGC Civil Hospital


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2001 Wokha Cancer check-up camp 12&13 June
  Kohima Cancer check-up camp 15&16 June
  Dimapur Cancer check-up camp 18&19 June
2 Other States  

Baba Dera Manan Hera, Hoshiarpur

2 Delhi

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3 Himanchal Pradesh

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Tibetan Cause at Dharamshala

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The work done by Dr. Suraj Verma, President Cancer Society of India between 25 April to 25 July 2002 at Tibet Medical Centre Dharashala) Himachal Pradesh
25 July 2002 The Inaugural Photo on the previous page shows the details.
The comprehensive cancer control talks & cancer camp held during stay at Dharamshala are—
Tibet Medical Centre & College Men Tsee Khang
Tibet Information Centre
Macloed Ganj Tibet Clinic
Free Cancer Detection Clinic was run daily during this period both at Khara danda road & Macloed Ganj Clinic
A survey team of 3 staff surveyed the entire Tibet population in these 3 months.
Rotary Club of Dharamshala was addressed twice
Free cancer check up camp organised by civil hospital
Free cancer check up camp at Tapovan Chinmaya Ashram
European Mission Kangra
21st National Nutrition Week HRD Govt. of India
Zonal Pulse Polio conference Palampur & Jullundhar
Yoga & Meditation Society of India
Institute of Naturopathy with Col. Sharma
Army Public School Yol.
Talk organised at Bachat Bhawan by Dy. Commissioner Mr. P. Saxena



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29 Dec. 2003 Inauguration of the Laddak branch at Leh by shri Thumpson Head of Laddak hill council


7th January 2004 Follow of camp at civil hospital.

  Hariyana Karnal, Faridabad & Pataudi
  Uttar Pradesh Noida, Ghaziabad,Mussourie
  West Bengal Darjeeling
4 Rural Work The total work done in other states is being done in villages and urban rural colonies.
5 Senior Citizens

Help Age India joined us as partner in community services to detect cancer. 5000 Elderly of age group 50 years onwards were screened in various colonies of Delhi in 2000 to 2002 .

In Nov.1997 A concept of Palliative care was introduced for Elderly on the occasion of Elder's Day. organised by Age Care Delhi.

Project with Shanti Avedna Ashram, Hospice, New Delhi

  a Cancer check-up camp organised by Panchshila ladies Club
  b Cancer check-up camp for Border security officers & Personnel & their families Tripura - 1992
  c Cancer check-up camp Lioness Club of Greater Kailash
  d Cancer awareness talk at Tapovan Sidh bari, Dharamshala
  f Lady Shriram College, New Delhi
7 Defence Personnel  
1992 - Border Security Force Families, Tripura
1993 - 58 Gorkha Regiment Shillong
1993 - MLAI - Regiment Shillong
1993 - Cancer Camps by Army Headquarters - Darjeeling
Free Cancer Awareness & Check-Up campaign by Nulli Secundus 156 AD Light Regiment at Sanyat Lines

The camp was inaugrated by respected wife of the commanding officer of the regiment Col. Naaraj Sharma.

Cancer Awareness & Check-Up camp, Delhi Cantt.

Dr. Suraj Verma addressing to the audience

13 International Mission

Mauritius Cancer Services were introduced and inaugurated by Mr. Regis Finette Hon'ble Minister of Health in November 1995.


Dr. Suraj Verma with Shri Annirudh Hon'ble Prime Minister Mauritius

8 Muslim Communities of-- Hauz Rani Village, Delhi
9 High Altitude We are the first group to have ventured Cancer Survey & Camps:-
  - Kufri Shimla 8000 ft. above sea level.
  - Chindi Village Mandi HP 6000 ft. above sea level.
  - 58 Gorkha Regiment Shillong 5500 ft. above sea level.
10 Schools and Colleges

Slide Show talks on Cancer Awareness :-

Chandra Arya Orphanage School, East of Kailash, New Delhi

Tibet Medical College Dharamshala

Army School Yol (Kangra), Himachal Pradesh

  Loreto College, Darjeeling
  Ghaziabad Girls School
  Lady Sriram Collge, New Delhi
  Shillong Library, Shillong
11 Mobile "Cancer Services on Wheels" 1992 : Inaugurated by Shri M.M. Jacob Hon'ble Minister of State Home Affairs, Govt. of India
12 Cancer Counselling Services Launched in 1997 inaugurated by Mrs. Renuka Chaudhary Hon'ble Health Minster Govt. Of India.
    Cancer awarenes talk Rotary Club of New Jersy (USA)
14 Networking with Other NGOs Rotary Club, Lions club, Age Care, Help Age India, Delhi Medical Asssociation, etc.
15 Palliative Care

We founded Indian Society of Palliative Care In 1994.

Joined hands with Shanti Avedna Ashram, New Delhi for terminal cancer cases care.

16 No Tobacco Mission We organised seminars with Govt. and other NGO's on 31st May, the day of "No Tobacco International Day".
18 In Assocation with Tibet Medical Centre Men-Tsee-Khang, Mcleod Ganj Dharmshala , Himachal Pradesh , India
  We screened 3000 people and detected 32 positive cases which is an amazingly high incidence. Because of the good publicity most of the cases were old & a few new cases also reported.
  All cases were not new, many of them reported under " Hope & Despair"
19 Cancer Services Centre Dharamsala - a project launched to help poor Tibetans and population of adjacent areas with Hospice services.
20 Inauguration of cancer control society Ladakh at conference hall Leh.
  The Dy. Commissioner has alloted land for the purpose and the Centre is under construction
  We appeal to people at large in India & abraod to come forward to help Tibetan cause and adjacent poor population

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